Welcome to Bergen's Solar
Bergen’s Solar is a division of the Bergen’s Group of Companies and was founded by Mark Blamire and Adriaan van Bergen.
At Bergen’s Solar our aim is to supply and install quality Solar and related products into households and business that would supply comfort and enjoyment while saving our clients’ money and contributing to a greener environment.
All our suppliers have been selected for products of the highest quality and efficiency. So we at Bergen’s Solar can offer you, our clients, the best value for money in the market.
Our installations are of the highest quality and we take great pride in what we do. So much so, that our clients tend to become friends, rather than just another customer.
So what does Bergen’s Solar Do?
Our main focus has to date been on Solar water heating.
Solar geysers and solar pool heating have always been one of our great passions. A solar geyser is still the most cost effective way to reduce household energy costs.
The return on investment is surprisingly fast. (On average 43% of household energy cost is for heating water) A great Solar water heating system like Viessmann can reduce this by up to 90%.
Bergen’s Solar maintains our supplier’s products, but we can, and do maintenance on other Solar systems too.
Solar power or photo voltaic power generation has shown amazing growth. The availability of products has grown and solar power is becoming more affordable. Load shedding and the cost of electricity has also fuelled interest in this sector of our business. Solar technology has improved vastly and the quality of solar (PV) panels, solar batteries, charge controllers and inverters has never been so good.
Solar pool pumps, Solar Borehole pumps and solar circulation pumps have also become available and are an easy way to cut electricity costs.
Please feel free to contact us - we can help!

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